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The Precision Machining Laboratory (Towne 169) houses equipment to aid in metal manufacturing, providing both conventional and computer controlled (CNC) machining capabilities. It contains 3 manual mills, 5 manual lathes, 4 Prototrak hybrid mills, 3 CNC mills (Fadal VMC-15X, Haas MiniMill, Haas OfficeMill), a CNC lathe (Haas TL-1), and various other metal prototyping equipment. A wide assortment of metal and plastic stock is available to support academic projects and courses such as MEAM 201 and Senior Design. To use the machine shop, you must obtain access and follow all safety rules and policies. 

                                                                            Hours: During academic sessions (see calendar below)

                                                       Mon,Tues,Fri: 10AM-6PM ,  Wed,Thurs: 10AM – 9PM,  Sat: 12PM – 6PM,  Sun: 12PM – 6PM

Safety and Usage Policies

PML rules must be followed at ALL TIMES. Violation of these rules may result in revocation of access.

  • Complete the training and have your name listed in the access database.
  • Only work on machinery for which you have been trained.
  • Never work alone (a trained supervisor or shop staff member must be in the shop area while you are working).
  • Visitors who have not been given machine shop access are not permitted in the shop.
  • Wear safety glasses (provided) at all times while inside the fabrication area.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes or boots.
  • Remove jewelry.
  • Wear no excessively loose clothing that could get caught in rotating machinery.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Do not use your cellphone or headphones while operating machinery.
  • Have a clear frame of mind (no intoxication, no excessive sleep deprivation).
  • Dispose of any chemical waste in proper containers.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the shop area.
  • Ask for help if you are unsure of something.
  • Keep all work surfaces clean and dry.
  • Clean, reset, and organize equipment after use.
  • Report all broken/damaged/worn tools to a member of the lab staff.
  • Complete a 5-10 minute shop job (issued at the discretion of the on-duty staff person) before leaving.
  • Work to ensure the safety of yourself and others.
  • Any injuries must be reported immediately via an injury incident report.
  • Use the tutorials below to ensure safe usage of the machines!

PML Calendar