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Educational Labs

Towne M81: Undergraduate Experimentation Laboratory

Below is the calendar for Towne M81 usage. Located above the GM lab, it provides an area for students to complete laboratory experiments utilizing various apparatus and data acquisition systems. The room is open for student project work during any time it is not reserved by courses or facilities and maintenance work.

Please contact Peter Bruno ( regarding assistance with storage of your items or with an interest in completing experiments beyond those performed in specific lab sections.

Towne B2: Mechanical and Aerodynamic Testing Laboratory

Below is the calendar for Towne B2. Equipment includes a Wind Tunnel and four Franka Panda robotic arms. Each provides students the opportunity to run and design experiments for industry standard machinery. Please contact Peter Bruno via email at in order to reserve the space. You must reserve the space and have been trained in order to use the Aerolab Wind Tunnel.

Towne 193: General Motors (GM) Lab

Below is the calendar for Towne 193. This laboratory was established in 1988 with a grant from the General Motors Corporation and is utilized to support various undergraduate and graduate lab courses. The GM lab also serves as a space for students working on various independent projects. The lab contains PC workstations with the most current software available for design, analysis, and testing of electronic and mechanical systems. A complete selection of electronic test equipment is available for use including oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, multimeters, etc. The lab is used to support MEAM Senior Design teams, providing them with the software and equipment they require.

This space is available for students to use and work on projects as needed. Any closures due to facilities or other requests will be noted on the calendar.

Towne 195

Below is the calendar for student staffing in Towne 195, which contains various electronic components and hardware. The upper section is available for student use of appropriate courses 24/7. The student staff are there to provide assistance with finding tools or equipment and supervise the lab spaces for safety. 

Towne 205: Design and Simulation Laboratory

Below is the Calendar for Towne 205. This 700-square foot lab on the second floor of the Towne building is home to the lab sections of the MEAM 101 course. The room is a collaborative design space, with PC stations lining three of the walls, a large whiteboard on one wall, and a high-resolution ceiling-mounted projector. This space is central for collaborative learning across all years and courses utilizing software such as Solidworks, COMSOL, and MatLab. The room is accessible for all students taking a MEAM course when not in use by specific classes.

Towne B11: Student Project Lab

This project laboratory supports various extracurricular student activities such as the Penn Electric Racing Team and Senior Design teams. The Welding station and Composites area are also located in this lab to support projects with the assistance of certified instructors. Located at the East end of the Towne basement.