Borrow Something

Located in Levine 166A. The Garage Lab and Tool Library is available to all students at Penn.
Prospective users must first sign up for training. Use the link above, which is also here Trainings are scheduled at set intervals during the semester based on availability. Attending the training does not grant access to all equipment, nor does it grant swipe access to the room. The room is only accessible during staffed hours. You have to knock on the door, we keep the main door closed to be polite to the various offices in that section of the building.

Trained users may borrow tools to use in or around campus for any number of reasons (academic work, research work, academic clubs, or personal projects). However your project must be approved through the Garage Work Permit system.
The list of tools available for use include
Wire Cutters and Strippers
Impact Drivers
Rotary tools (Dremels)
Orbital Sanders
The list of tools available for use in the room include all of the loanable tools as well as the following below:
Belt Sanders
Drill Press
Miter Saw
Buffing Wheel
Sandblasting Cabinet

In order to do work in the space, you must first be trained. Then you must complete a Work Permit. To submit a Work Permit you must do TWO things.
1. Fill out the google form linked here:
2. Email with PDF copies of your sketches, engineering drawings, or other supporting documentation. Your email subject must follow the following format: FirstName_LastName_GarageApproval_ProjectName_YYYY-MM-DD (Example, Peter_Bruno_GarageApproval_WindTurbineBracket_2022-05-27). Failure to complete the form and submit the documentation appropriately will result in immediate denial and demand for resubmission.
You are not required to submit full technical engineering drawings. However, you must submit appropriate sketches, pictures, doodles, etc. Examples include; drawings generated from a CAD program like SolidWorks, a picture of the part you are trying to make a duplicate of, a sketch you made on paper last night at 2 am.
You will get email confirmation that your work is approved!

When you have approval, come during staffed hours and we will help you get what you need!