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NEW! Any student using the RPL must have a safety buddy to laser cut! Student staff may act as your buddy during staffed hours. Otherwise you must be accompanied by another person who is also RPL trained

The Rapid Prototyping Laboratory (Towne 167) contains four Universal Laser PLS 4.75 flatbed laser cutters and a fleet of 3D printers for hands-on exploration. Four designated PC workstations that are networked to the laser systems are available to provide support for part design and fabrication. The lasers provide students the ability to cut various nonmetallic materials, while the printers offer the ability to 3D print prototypes out of PLA plastic. If you are looking to get access and use equipment, check out the Access & Training button. If you just want to have a file printed for you for a class, click the 3D Printers button. 

Staffed Hours may change based on staff availability. If you are interested in becoming a staff member contact Peter Bruno at

Staffed Hours