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We have four PLS 4.75 flatbed laser cutters located in the Rapid Prototyping Lab. You MUST receive training before using these machines. The PLS 4.75 lasers have 75 watt lenses that are capable of cutting and engraving a large variety of material. Each machine has a usable cutting area of 24″ x 18″ with a max stock thickness of 9 inches. In general, you should be aware that the laser produces a slightly tapered cut (larger at the top), with a nominal kerf of 0.007 inches.


  • Lasers are available 24/7 for TRAINED users. Not trained? Click here
  • Materials orders can be fulfilled during staffed hours.
  • All laser material left in RPL will be placed in the scrap bin.
  • Material from the scrap cabinet is free for anyone to use. Please place your scrap material on the appropriate shelf.


If you experience any problems or notice anything wrong, please notify the staff or email immediately. Put the specific laser number in the subject line and the specific problem in the body of your email. Additionally, please place an Out of Order sign on the laser until a staff member checks the laser out and determines it can be used again.