To ensure a high level of safety and security, many of the MEAM Labs are controlled through a variety of access systems from pin codes to swipe access.  Access is open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Researchers and Faculty in SEAS.


Instructional Lab Access

The level of access you may receive may be seen in the list below.

  • Faculty and Staff Access – all doors
  • Upperclassmen – Granted to MEAM juniors and seniors.
    • GM (Towne 193), M81, Towne 195, Towne 205, B2 and B11 Standard (8am-10pm)
  • Underclassmen – Granted to MEAM freshmen and sophomores.
    • GM (Towne 193), Towne 205, and M81
  • TA Access – Granted to TAs for MEAM courses
    • GM (Towne 193), M81, Towne 195, Towne 205, B2 and B11 Extended (6am-1am)




PML and RPL Access

Due to the large range of machines and user needs, the PML and RPL has a more specialized training for access. For more information on the PML please visit the PML Access page. The RPL Training Guide can be completed during any staffed hours.  RPL training is only required once if access is lost for any reason after training please see below.


Lost Access or New PennCard

If you have recently lost access or renewed your PennCard, please complete the form below. We will address this issue as quickly as possible.





Not in the School of Engineering? Email else= ““ with a brief description of the reason for your request.