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The only way to gain machine shop privileges is through successful completion of MEAM 201, which includes the training needed to utilize the manual mills and lathes, and Prototrak. Upon completion, you will be assigned a shop access level and will be entered into our database.

Students MUST attend an all-hands safety briefing at the beginning of each semester to retain access. Sessions will review safety rules and cover any changes to PML equipment and protocol.

If you have not used the PML in more than one semester, you may be required to review the usage of machines with a staff member.


Working in the Shop

Upon entry to Towne 169, you will present your PennCard to the Machine Shop Assistant who will sign you in and confirm that you have shop privileges. The worker will check that your work permit has been approved before you are allowed to work. Before leaving the shop, you must thoroughly clean up any machines you have used for inspection by the MSA, and will be assigned a brief shop job.


Access Levels

Access to the shop is defined as being given shop privileges and does not mean you necessarily have swipe access into the PML. Some access levels may require you to only work Mon.Fri. while Peter Szczesniak (Manager, Manufacturing and Fabrication Services) and Joe Valdez (Mechanician) are in the shop.