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Mill Videos

Piston Flange

1:32    Open file
2:20    Orienting the part
6:20    Selecting Origin Location
7:11    Selecting the Machine
8:20    Stock setup and bounding box
10:12  Placement of origin on bounding box
12:24  Creating toolpath
13:01  Creating toolpath with solids
14:41  Orienting tool direction
15:40  Creating toolpath with wireframe
17:52  Toolpath settings

19:45 Depth cuts
20:04 Lead in/lead out
20:48 Break through
21:13 Multipass
22:13 Linking parameters
23:33 Backplot
25:42 inside pocket toolpath
28:11 Verifying chained operations
29:44 Posting code
30:16 Verify extension

Mounting Block Radius:

Mounting Block Island:

How to create tabs during a contour toolpath:

Tabbing Demonstration:


How to run a PT4 file on any mill:

How to run a .gcd file (Bed mills only):