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Course Support

Lab Reservation 

Select labs spaces, including B2, B11, Towne 205 and the GM Lab, are available for both short and long term projects. These spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. To request space please email 


PML Contracting

The Precision Machining Lab supports short term machining projects for SEAS courses. Contract requests are overseen by Pete Szczesniak and payment is managed by Towne Business Office.

To discuss options, please email


Student Project Planning

For the planning of class wide projects for student courses, we have several options to match and support your course needs:

  • RPL: For a hands-on approach, the laser and Makerbots offer students the opportunity to realize the projects goals and explore the functionality of the machines.
  • AddLab: For higher quality prints and/or opting for the more hands-off approach. MeamLabs will coordinate with professors/TAs to setup an optimal time frame and expectations for the large scale machines to realize the projects intent.
  • Taz5 Satellite Stations: For smaller scale projects or short term use, we are proud to introduce the Taz5 Satellite Stations. Professors can rent out the lockable carts to be rolled to a location best suited to the course. Students in that course can then exclusively unlock the cart and print parts.

To discuss options, please email .


Course Samples and Models 

Our labs do not always need to be the center of the project or lesson. Supplementary models and demos can help further compound a lesson in many ways. We are happy to prepare samples or demonstration pieces for any labs all we ask is for a little time to put it together. A past examples is material dog bones for tensile testing. These samples can be pre-made files or we can also assist in the design.

To  discuss options, please email 



As the technology grows, MEAM Labs hope to be on the cutting edge. To this effect, we encourage exploration into new ideas, materials, machines, and techniques. Whether it is a suggestion for us to explore or to implement into our existing system, please let us know. MEAM Labs supports many experimental machines for this purpose. A past example is the modification of a MakerBot to print rubber-like material for Senior Design projects.

To request or make suggestions, please email