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AddLab aims to support student course work, research by SEAS faculty, and the Penn community. Students wishing to print for a course please first contact your professor for your course arrangement. For all other requests please follow the directions below:

Pricing is composed of two parts:

1) Start-Up Fee -cover the cost of machine preparation and part post-processing

2) Material Usage Charge– cover the amount of material used for your specific part

The Towne Business Office manages all payments and billing.


Experimental Machines

Parts can be ordered on the smaller end machines to support course work or to test new applications on the experiential machine. These prices may vary depending on new materials and machine alteration.

Start up Fee: $17.95

Taz5: $0.05/g

Makerbots: $.05/g

Traditional Machines

Traditional orders for parts will be charged a basic start up price plus the cost of material used. Below is the listing for the various material cost of different machine. If you would like a cost estimate for a piece, please follow the part submission to provide us with all of the part information stating the request for the estimate.

Start up Fee: $35.98

Material Support

Dimension Elite

ABS $2.14/in^3 $4.46/ in^3

Fortus 450mc

ABS-M30 $1.90/in^3 $3.91/in^3
ASA $1.90/in^3 $3.91/in^3
Nylon $2.15/in^3 $3.91/in^3
Polycarbonate-ISO $2.15/in^3 $2.15/in^3
Ultem-9085 $3.72/in^3 $3.72/in^3

Objet 30

VeroBlack $0.30/g $0.12/g
VeroWhite $0.30/g $0.12/g
 Volume approx.  $6.00/in^3  $2.00/in^3

Projet 6000hd

VisiJet® SL Clear $16.96/in^3 N/A
VisiJet® SL Flex $16.96/in^3 N/A