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To 3D print on any of the staff-operated machines, you must submit your part via email to enter our queue. We will then be able to check your parts to make sure they are printable, give you feedback on any issues we see, and provide cost estimates. Please note that we will go ahead and print a part (as long as it looks printable) unless you have specifically requested a cost estimate.

STL Preparation

The first step is to create an STL file of your model. This is the industry standard geometry file used for 3D printing. To export your file from SolidWorks, please follow the STL export guide.

Part Submission

Once you have your STL file, you can send your job into the print queue by following our part submission guidelines. We will form a queue based on the submission time of your email, so make sure you submit a job with enough time before any deadline. Please be aware that each print job has an estimated 3 day turnaround time. You will receive a confirmation email that we have seen your request.

Picking Up Your Part

Upon successful completion of your part(s), you will receive an email with the locker and combination that your parts are in. The lockers are located on the Mezzanine level of the Towne building, across from room M70.